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Adler & Partners is an international consultancy firm focused on providing high net worth individuals with the ability to apply for residence and citizenship by investment programs in different countries and business setup in UAE. Our team of highly qualified experts work together as one within our global network of partners, to serve the increasing demand for second citizenships within the international community of entrepreneurs and investors.

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The United Kingdom is a sovereign island nation in western Europe, that has the fifth largest economy in the world by nominal GDP. It is one of Europe’s main business hubs and is known for having some of best education with top universities and a strong health care system. There are currently five different options to apply for the permanent residency in the UK that will eventually result in a citizenship and obtaining the British passport. The United Kingdom passport is ranked at number two in the world, allowing its holders to access 183 countries visa free and on arrival.

Permanent Residence United Kingdom
£ 40000
Minimum Investment
0 years
Become a citizen
0 countries
Access visa free

Residency by investment allows individuals and their families to gain the travel, working and living rights of a UK citizen within 3 months.


Option #1

Investor visa is the fastest and most secured way to obtain the UK residency in a short time frame.
Investment: £2,000,000.

Option #2

Be the representative of an overseas business. Also can be an employee of an overseas newspaper or news agency on a long term assignment.

Option #3

The innovator visa was created for professionals who want to set up an innovative business in the UK. Minimum investment: £50,000.

United Kingdom State
United Kingdom Citizenship



The UK is the 5th largest economy in the world with a strong currency.

Global Market

London is a leading financial center in the global market offering great opportunities .

Visa Free Travel

Travel Visa free to over 183 countries including UK, EU Schengen zone & HK.


One of the best free health care services in the world with excellent facilities.


Excellent standard of education with top universities and schools.

Dual Citizenship

No restrictions on dual citizenships and no need to travel during application.


The United Kingdom has a stable and reliable democratic government.


London is considered one of the top 10 cities worldwide to start a business.

United Kingdom Citizenship Program


• Main applicant must be 18 years old and above.

• Meet the application requirements.

• Select one of the three investment options.

• Be outside the EU economic area and Switzerland.

• Outstanding character and hold no criminal record.

• Have the financial capacity to invest GBP 50,000.

• Have sufficient funds to maintain all living costs.

• Must meet the English language requirements.


Step 1: Talk to Adler and Partners immigration advisers

At Adler & Partners our citizenship advisers will evaluate your personal circumstances and assist you in selecting the investment option most suitable for you. The entire family can be included under one application. The main applicant must have a clean criminal record and a legitimate source of funds. Spouses can be included and children.

Step 2: Prepare documents

Once you have chosen which option you would like to proceed with experienced citizenship advisers will collect and check all the documents for compliance and ensure all requirements are met.

Step 3: Submit your application

Once all original documents are collected and sent to us, citizenship specialists will review your file and prepare it for submission. The complete file will be submitted to the UK authorities. You must leave a window of at least 3 months before planning to travel to the UK.

Step 4: Processing of application

Each application is vetted by the Government through a thorough due diligence process, including a background check, during which time submitted information is examined and verified. The applicant should also have an English language certificate and should pass a government verified interview.

Step 5: Receive your residency visa

You will need to provide a blank page in your passport on which to put your visa. With this the stamping of your residency visa is completed. After five years you are eligible to obtain UK citizenship.


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